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Multi-Purpose Form Builder

Simple Entries provides you with an easy way to create any kind of form, survey, quiz or events calender and instantly post it to any website, e-mail or social media platform. An all-in-one shop for creating new ways to interact and gain feedback from customers, partners and employees.

The format is large and simple with all the functionality of a conventional form builder, without all the clutter in one place. Once your form is built our system produces instant links with the proper dimensions to suit whatever platform your form is meant for.

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Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Connect with your audience by encouraging feedback and responses.


Create forms designed to address support concerns from customers and employees.  


Design a form for booking appointments, meetings and company events and happenings. 


Find out what your audience is really looking for and take a live survey.  


Challenge your employees or students with an easy way to build quizzes.


Create forms to encourage an RSVP to a meeting, appointment or event.

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It really is as Simple as one, two, three. Have any questions about the process - look up-top for our phone number and e-mail, we are happy to help!

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Use our template of fields to create an instant form, quiz or survey.

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Enter text fields to instruct the end user and inform them of your intentions and goals. 

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After the form is finished you will instantly be able to share it across any digital platform with ease.

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